If you are interested in our events, this page tells you more.  If you are an experienced Biodanza facilitator, please make contact and let us know about you. 


While we will start small (maybe 2 classes a month) there will be opportunities for facilitators as we grow. We are particularly interested in facilitators who can say 'yes' to one or more of these:


  • qualified in psychology or other university level mental health qualification,  together with client facing experience
  • other health services experience, e.g. nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist etc.
  • social worker
  • teacher
  • policy, government relations or quality roles in areas such as cultural diversity including First Nations, age and generational issues, gender including gender diversity, aged or disability care
  • lived experience relevant to working with the 'at risk' groups our programs address
  • facilitation of peer support groups
  • Biodanza experience in mental health settings
  • Biodanza experience in groups which include people living with disability
  • Biodanza experience with children.


Working with Life Dance Community will be different from your previous experience of Biodanza. Some of these differences may include:


  • you don't have to advertise, look for participants, or manage them (of course they will still love you!)
  • you will rotate between groups, perhaps as often as each six week term
  • you will regularly co-facilitate. This will let participants become used to co-facilitation, the presence of student facilitators under supervision and other facilitators in case there is a last minute change (you won't have to stress if you are ill!)
  • you will need to attend professional group supervision once a month
  • you will be paid a flat rate fee per class (even if only 2 people turn up!)
  • verbal sharing will be different, will encourage each person to grow in confidence in speaking their own truth, including the negative. Verbal sharing will also encourage psychological integration of a participant's life in the world with their often powerful experience in dance. 


You are strongly encouraged to read Our Values and Our Vision, particularly about community development and trauma informed practice. Some of these ideas might differ from what you are used to in Biodanza's orthodoxy and praxis.