These are the values which we try to live by as an organisation. We hope that you can relate to them — and we are always interested in knowing what you think about our ideals and how well we live up to them.

Welcoming.   All those experiencing loneliness and social isolation are welcome to participate in our programs or to contribute.

Valuing difference.   We value the differences in our community — cultural backgrounds, countries of origin, diversity of genders, physical and mental strengths and abilities, passions, dreams and aspirations. We recognise that difference often leads to isolation and seek to strengthen our community by bringing differences together.

Intergenerational.   We actively promote events where all generations are welcome and interact joyfully.  We particularly seek to address the isolation that often comes with ageing.

Fairness.   We seek always to act fairly and to promote the idea of fairness.  This includes actively working to make our programs available to the less privileged in our community.

Voice.   We want every person to feel they are always able to speak their truth, and we act to encourage this and develop an individual's capacity to speak for self.

Continuous Improvement.   We measure our performance against these values and the goals we set ourselves and actively use our experiences and learnings to improve the way we do things.  We actively seek relevant expertise from which we can learn.

Trauma Informed Practice.   We understand that some people will join us coming from a life experience which includes trauma. This often results in loneliness and isolation, sometimes with awful consequences.  We strive to follow good practice in providing a safe environment for all.

Community Development Approach.   We believe that community, including the community of our own organisation and participants, is the first source of wisdom for making decisions about itself. We choose to follow community development principles in how we act and grow.