Life Dance Community’s vision, as outlined in the organisation’s constitution is to promote the prevention and control of diseases associated with loneliness and social isolation including dementia, heart disease, stroke, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and substance use disorders, by encouraging early intervention and prevention. Our object will be advanced by the following activities intended to reduce the risk of occurrence and severity of diseases associated with loneliness and social isolation:

  • encouraging the development of social connections through the provision of group dance sessions for individuals at risk of developing diseases associated with loneliness and social isolation, including but not limited to First Nations people, refugees, stroke survivors, the elderly, people with dementia, people with physical disabilities, people suffering from mental health issues, people with a history of trauma, people from a low socio-economic background and people with substance use disorders;
  • establishing partnerships with community organisations that are working with groups of people at risk of or experiencing loneliness or social isolation to tailor the Company’s activities; and
  • establishing partnerships with universities and other educational organisations to research the efficacy of the Company’s activities.