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Social Isolation, Loneliness and Health


World Health Organisation


US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Loneliness across the lifespan (it's not just related to ageing)


Sydney apartment dwellers


How exercise enhances ageing brains (collateral benefits of the program)


Social isolation and dementia


Formal Research


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While not directly related to dance, the following study supports the effectiveness of group activities with group/community involvement in addressing isolation.

Cattan, Mima, Martin White, John Bond, and Alison Learmouth. "Preventing social isolation and loneliness among older people: a systematic review of health promotion interventions." Ageing & society 25, no. 1 (2005): 41-67.


Trauma Informed Practice


From the Wisconsin Department of Health Services: Trauma Informed Practices


From Sydney University's Faculty of Medicine and Health: the hidden epidemic of trauma in Australia


A Community Development Approach


"What is Community Development?" from the Scottish Community Development Centre


A community development handbook from the Louisiana Community Network