Growing our social enterprise with the help of volunteers is a core value of our community. We are really grateful to you for considering this.


There are two strong reasons why volunteering is important. Firstly, it helps us to keep our costs down. This allows us to offer joy and connection to more people. However just as important is that every volunteer benefits from the feelings of connection, community and doing something meaningful which volunteering offers. Volunteering is just as good for you as dancing!


Pre-funding stage

Right now, we have only a few tasks which volunteers can do. Contact us if you might be able to help with:

  • an introduction to a potential sponsor
  • specific short-term tasks, expecially if you have expertise such as accounting, law or advertising (including social media) 
  • contributing other specialist skills, particularly if you have a history or expertise which you feel is relevant to our social enterprise


After launch

We will likely appreciate volunteers to help in various roles including:

  • venue setup and takedown for each dance session
  • door entry / payment collection / ticket sales
  • car pool / pickup participants without transport
  • phone roster (answering inbound calls)
  • letterboxing or noticeboard posting of flyers
  • website content maintenance
  • IT development (app, web, database applications)
  • bookkeeping & accounts payable / receivable
  • translation of our website content to a community language
  • publicity / promotion / media relations, which might also include ...
  • maintenance of our social media presence 
  • and more ...

Thanks again for thinking of helping. If you have a creative thought, please contact us!